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Dave Hoover

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David Harold Hoover

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Dave Hoover

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Art Institute of Pittsburgh

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Just to agive a little info on working at Fimation Studios:

I started working there in 1977, and at this point they were working on the second season of Tarzan. The first season consisted of 13 shows, and I think they were doing seven new shows for the second go-around. They were also working on "The Archies" and "Fat Albert." I would occasionally see Bill Cosby, but he was not the friendliest guy, and when ever he was at the studio was usually accompanied by one, if not two, beautiful blonde women.

Tarzan was a great success for the studio, and they did receive some recognition for this from other animation studios of that era including Hanna Barbera. I would often see Danton Burroughs there, the grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs, who would just kind of hang out, and it gave me a chance to get to know him a bit better than I otherwise would have. Most of the character design work was done by Herb Hazelton and Carol Lundburg. The Tarzan character design was sort of a cross between the Burne Hogarth version and the Russ Manning version, so if you're familiar with those two Tarzan artists you will know what I mean.

Seeing that his was my first job as a professional artist it was a great thrill for me just to be working there, and I am appreciative to this day for those people who decided to hire a guy who had raw talent but no actual animation experience. I was hired as a layout artist, which meant that, working form the storyboards, I would do all the first sketches/drawings of characters and backgrounds for each scene. These drawings were to guide the animators, letting them know exaactly what they had to animate. Layout is the department that makes sure every scene that is shot will work properly. Sadly I have very little in the way of model sheets or storyboards from those days. Most of what I had saved was lost in the mail when I tried to ship it home to Pennsylvania. Someone out there has the stuff I'm sure. I also lost just about my entire collection of Tazan comics and had to start over collecting them.

An animation studio was a great fun place to work, and as I look back I'm surprised anything actually got done. Lou Schiemer was a great guy to work for, very personalble and paid close attention to everything that was being worked on. It was really like working for a "mom and pop" business because it was a small studio but they were doing popular stuff for it's time that was pretty successful.

When Tarzan went to a third season I was pulled off the show to work on Flash Gordon, which was sort of a dissappointment for me because I wanted to keep working on Tarzan. Eventually I did work on Tarzan again for a brief period.

From time to time I would see actors waiting in the small lounge area by the front desk who were usually there to do voices. On one occasion I walked right past David Opatoshu, who played Augustus Vinero in Tarzan and the Valley of Gold. Again, I wish now I would have just stopped to talk to him a bit about his Tarzan movie role; he was busy reading a script, and I was always hesitant to bother actors who were otherwise occupied.

I'll scan some of the model sheets that I still have and post them next week some time. Hope that answers any questions. Anyone not familiar with my Tarzan work can go to a small gallery I have at the ComicArtFans site:
ComicArtFans site

And there are other galleries there you can peruse containing a host of comic book characters, mostly women.


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