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Don Schloat

Nr :


Volledige naam :

Don Thomson Schloat

Pseudoniem :

Don Schloat

Geboortedatum :


Geboorteplaats :

Los Angeles

Land :


Overlijdensdatum :


Overlijdensplaats :

Valley Center,CA

Beroep :


Opleiding :

City College and Otis Art Institute

Omschrijving :

Don Thomson Schloat was born in Los Angeles, CA Dec. 26, 1921. After graduating from Los Angeles High School, Schloat studied at City College and Otis Art Institute. After the WWII, he joined Disney, Hanna-Barbera, and Filmation Studio. According to the Internet Movie Database, his film career began in 1941, when he was an uncredited animator for the Disney short Pluto's Playmate. From 1955 until 1987, he worked for Warner Schloat Productions, Hanna-Barbera, Grantray-Lawrence, and Fred Calvert Productions, in addition to Disney and Filmation.

For over two years during the Second World War, he was held at a small prisoner of war camp in the Japanese-occupied Philippines. He was the last of 11 survivors of what was known as the Palawan Massacre, when over 150 American POWs were herded by military police into bunkers to die by burning and machinegun fire on December 14, 1944. (He had escaped from the camp, was captured and was transferred to another prison before the massacre took place.) While a POW, he sent back many drawings to the Los Angeles Times. Besides animation, he specialized in military drawings.

He was a production coordinator as well as an animator for the 1974 Calvert series Emergency +4.

Schloat's other series as an animator included Jonny Quest (1964-65); Roger Ramjet and The Secret Squirrel Show (both 1965); The New Adventures of Superman (1966); Spider-Man (1967-68); My Favorite Martians, Mission: Magic! and Lassie's Rescue Rangers (all 1973); Star Trek (1973-74); The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty (1975); Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1976); Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1976-84); The New Archie/Sabrina Hour, Space Sentinels and The New Adventures of Batman (all 1977); Tarzan and the Super 7 and Fabulous Funnies (both 1978); Sport Billy (1979-80); The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour and The New Adventures of Tom and Jerry (both 1980); The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! and Blackstar (both 1981); He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983-85); Ghostbusters (1986); She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985-87); and BraveStarr (1987-88). He also worked as an animator on 1977's The Fat Albert Halloween Special and The Fat Albert Christmas Special, along with the TV-movies A Snow White Christmas (1980), Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1982) and A Christmas Special (1985). Schloat animated the theatrical cartoon movies Treasure Island (1973), Oliver Twist (1974) and The Secret of the Sword (1985).

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