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Tarzan en de Gouden Leeuw

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Leidsch Dagblad

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After the newsjournal and a comic part where dogs are playing the lead, Trianon (cinema) brings a six acter "Tarzan and the Golden Lion", based on the novel of the famous writer Burrough [sic], full of adventures this week. Tarzan, whose real name turns out to be Lord Greystoke, is a man of the nature. midst of the inhospitable wilderness of Africa, he lives together with people and animals. His wife and her cousin are coming to this savage lands. A coincidental encounter with a slave hunter has far-reaching implications. Of course there are many fightings. After all the drama takes its climax in the diamond city, whose population worships the sun as a deity. Tarzan and the Golden Lion are proclaimed as rulers, after the old rulers, which look like highly unreliable, left off to better regions.

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