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Titel : Tarzan films
Datum : 06-01-1937
Uitgever : Nieuws van den Dag voor Nederlands Indie
Omschrijving :
Johnny Weissmuller, who we name with the Tarzan roles in one breath,
will have a redoubtable rival, because Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer refused him to let
him work for Sol Lessor.
Sol Lessor is planning a series of five of this kind of Tarzan movies.
The titles are:
'Tarzan's Prisoners',
'Tarzan's Folly',
'Tarzan's Secret',
'Tarzan's Revenge' en
'Tarzan's Last Call'.
Probably the last movie will be his final 'call', otherwise we will have
movies with titles like
'Tarzan's Return',
'Tarzan's Wife',
'Tarzan's Children',
'Tarzan's Grandchildren' and perhaps also
'Tarzan's Stripes Forever'.
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