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Willemijn Verkaik excercises as Kala


Foto:Stage Entertainment

Datum : 02-07-2015

Inhoud : Willemijn Verkaijk neemt een hoofdrol in TARZAN over.

Stage Apollo Theater Stuttgart
02 Juli 2015:
After big success at Broadway and West End, Willemijn Verkaik returns to Stuttgart and takes over the role of mother ape „Kala“ in Disneys Musical TARZAN.
After much success on Broadway and in the West End, Willemijn Verkaik returns to the stage in Germany and will take on a principle character in the Disney Musical TARZAN. She is going to play the ape mother "Kala". "The role of Kala is not only a vocal and an acting challenge, but also a physical one. I will, like all other apes, literally fly above the audiences. Something like that doesn't happen in any other musical, and that's what makes TARZAN unique", so the excited Willemijn Verkaik. Rehearsals are already underway; her premiere at the Stage Apollo Theater in Stuttgart, Germany is planned for August 21.

Bron: Stage Entertainment