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  • Tarzans Dream


Tarzans Dream
(Tarzans Dream)
Originele Premiere :
Nederlandse Premiere :
12-02-1922Den Haag
Adolf Lotter
Distributeur :

Lengte :
2:42 mm:ss

Trailers :
In 1921, Adolf Lotter composed the the music piece "Tarzan's Dream". The scores were made for 16 instrument including Drums, Sax, Banjo, Pianola. This play was performed in The Hague in the Nieuw of Litt Societeit and conducted by J. Waisvisz.
The concert has been performed on Sunday febrary 1922 at 15:30:
1. Für unsere Helden, Marsch. (Blankenberg)
2. Waltzerträume, Walzer. (Oscar Strauss)
3. Temelweihe, Ouverture. (Keler Beha)
4. a) Legende (d'Amoa Bree)
b) Tarzan's Dream (Lotter)
5. Madame Butterfly, Fantasy (Puccini)
6. El Relicario, (Jose Padella)
7. Hymne á St. Cecile, (Gounod)
8. Lucai di Lammermeer, Fantasy (Donizetti)
9. The Twelfth Regiment, Finale (Lincoln)