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Alan Grant

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Alan Alexander Grant

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A. A. Grant

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Educated at Newtongrange Primary School, Dalkeith High School, and St Andrews University

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Hi Ron--
I'm afraid I'm not going to be of much help to you, because I've written many thousands of scripts since the early 80s…and I didn't keep my old work-books. However, I've answered your questions (below) to the best of my memory. I've also contacted John Wagner, but he remembers even less than me!
> 1) I was also wondering. The main publisher was located in Sweden or > Danmark. How did you got involved in writing the Tarzan and Korak stories?
The original publisher was based in Fleet Street, London. I can't remember the company name - something like Sterling Studios maybe - but the owner was called Stewart Wales. His principal business was publishing puzzle magazines (Crossword Puzzles, Word Search magazines etc). He owned the rights to publish Tarzan, but not in the English language. So he had the scripts done by English writers, then sent to European (mostly Spanish, I think) art agencies, and they were then sold on to various European publishers.
John Wagner wrote some Tarzan scripts around 1978/79, but he was increasingly busy with his 2000AD work, and asked me to take over from him as my first writing freelance job. If memory serves, I had to give Stewart the titles of the 4 stories I was going to write in the coming month - for prompt payment purposes - and then wrote the (approximately 24-page) scripts. Every now and then I was asked to write a "special", which was usually about 64 pages long.
The very first Tarzan script I ever wrote was TARZAN AND THE SABRETOOTH TIGER. It's the only one of my many Tarzan stories of which I have a copy - published in Finland. (I believe that in later years, someone else published at least some of the comics in English, because I saw a couple of them.)
The only other titles I can remember are THE MAN FROM NYABINGI and AND THE BEGGAR CRIED "DEATH!" Wagner and I wrote several Tarzan\Korak specials together; the only two we remember are THE FIST OF GOD and THE FLIGHT OF THE OSTRICH.
I often named places/people in the stories after people and places I knew. In The Flight of the Ostrich, Wagner and I named almost all of the characters after British artists who worked on 2000AD at the time - Mick Mcmahon, Brian Bolland, Kevin O'Neill, Dave Gibbons, etc etc. Almost all of them were killed off in various ways during the story.
> 2) How well were you known about the original Tarzan stories, did you had > to read the stories first?
I never read a Tarzan comic before I started writing. But I was well-acquainted with the character through Johnny Weissmuller's black-and-white movies, and the Ron Ely (I think) television series.
> 3) In the 1980's it was a very busy market. Tarzan and Korak were very > popular. Was there a project team for the Tarzan and Korak stories? You > must have been instructed to create stories.... who was the main person > who lead the project?
See mention of Stewart Wales (above).
> 4) Did you had the liberty to create your own stories or did you receive > any directions from the publisher? I know there were rules about what > Tarzan/Korak might be doing and what was not allowed.
We had the liberty to create our own material. I don't ever remember getting any instructions from the publisher.
> 5) Do you know others who wrote other Tarzan/Korak stories? Do you also > know the artists who turned your stories into a visible product?
And did you liked what has been created?
John Wagner is the only other writer I know who was involved with Tarzan/Korak stories. We never knew who any of the artists were, because they all were provided by the agencies.
> 6) How long did you work on a story, were there also stories which has been rejected?
I never had a story rejected. The only reason I left Tarzan was because I was paid more for writing JUdge Dredd for 2000AD. As I was writing 4 stories a month, I had a week to do each script so I had to be very swift.
> 7) One of the most difficult questions is: do you still know which stories > you wrote for Tarzan and Korak?
See my answer to one of the questions above.

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