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Bengt Olof Wennerberg

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Bengt Olof Wennerberg

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Anders Beckman School of Advertising

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[ERB Work]Tarzan comic covers for Europe / [Non ERB]Covers for Maverick Tomohawk Thousand and one night

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Bengt Olof ”Bowen” Wennerberg who died died a couple of years ago. He was well known as a drawing artist and book cover maker, worked for the Swedish edition of Mad and made cartoons about Sheherezade when Bo ”Bovil Wilson died in the 50’s. He was born in Västerås, Sweden and graduated from high school 1937. He was a good student but recieved a bad degree in drawing one year. His father was engineer and sent his boy to Royal Technical Univeristy in Stockholm to become engineer in electronics. It did’nt happen. He went to art school where they said that he was impossible to comprehend anything. Instead he began at Anders Beckman School of Advertising and Anders Beckman was the most fames person in that field at the time. So started a 20 year sucsessful career as ad artist. In the war years he became soldier and 1941 he came to Torsby in Värmland where he met a cartoonist called Bovil. For 11 years from 1944 he created the cartoon called Tusen och en natt (The Sheherezade tales) for weekly magazine Vecko-Revyn. Two albums were also published. He also illustrated short stories for weekly magazine Lektyr. He was the most prolific cover- and cartoonartist MAD had in the 60’s and 70’s. Bowen made covers for a lot of books for Williams Puiblishing Co. Among others he did draw almost all covers for the wild west pocketbook series Ben Hogan, 56 volumes written by Kjell E. Genberg under the pen name Matt Jade. A few of his drawings are exposed at the National Museum in Stockholm. He became 80 some years old.
Source: Kjell E. Genberg

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Bengt Olof Wennerberg
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