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Robert Kline

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Kline Robert

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Robert Kline

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[ERB Work]Filmation Tarzan TV series

As for the seven headed dragon, it was changed to two heads to save money. Frankly I'm surprised they didn't change it to one.

We worked in an assembly line procedure. Scripts and some designs were handed to storyboard artists and with little discussion the individual artists took it from there. As supervisor, I answered questions as they arose and gave notes on rough and finished boards. I also did a few boards myself.

I remember an episode being divided among two or three storyboard people. I think each person was given up to two weeks to finish their section. Speed was very important.

I was familiar with Tarzan stories from comic book adaptations, illustrations, films, live action T.V. programs and some original novels like "Tarzan at the Earth's Core"and "Tarzan the Terrible." I especially liked the stories with dinosaurs in them. We didn't need to read the original books, that was the script writer's job.

Layout artist's did major design work, but I did a certain amount as storyboard supervisor. Don Christiansen, the Art Director, gave us notes on our designs, but we did have quite a bit of freedom in how we approached things. There wasn't a lot of time for give and take.

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