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Bob Kline

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Bob Kline

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What Bob Kline remembers about his Tarzan period at Filmation:
We worked in an assembly line procedure. Scripts and some designs were handed to storyboard artists and with little discussion the individual artists took it from there. As supervisor, I answered questions as they arose and gave notes on rough and finished boards. I also did a few boards myself.

I remember an episode being divided among two or three storyboard people. I think each person was given up to two weeks to finish their section. Speed was very important.

I was familiar with Tarzan stories from comic book adaptations, illustrations, films, live action T.V. programs and some original novels like "Tarzan at the Earth's Core"and "Tarzan the Terrible." I especially liked the stories with dinosaurs in them. We didn't need to read the original books, that was the script writer's job.

Layout artist's did major design work, but I did a certain amount as storyboard supervisor. Don Christiansen, the Art Director, gave us notes on our designs, but we did have quite a bit of freedom in how we approached things. There wasn't a lot of time for give and take.

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