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  • Larry knapt het op


Larry knapt het op
Originale Premiere :
Nierdel�ndische Premiere :
Burroughs-Tarzan Pictures Inc.
Verteiler :

Habé Film NV (Amsterdam)

Rod la Rocque
Lawrence Thomas Jr
Marian Nixon
Katharina van Buren
Betty Compson
Mollie Cole
Jack Adair
Joseph Joe Ross
John Dilson
Arnold Crane
Edward Keane
Arthur Hill
Donald Kerr
Al Wilson
John Bantry
Fred Cole
Edward LeSaint
Lawrence Thomas Sr.
Allen Mathews
Spike Miller
Sidney Payne
Mike, the Headwaiter
Budd Buster
Stuttering Man
Allan Cavan
Police Chief
William Gould
Police Detective
Murdock MacQuarrie
Hot-Check Gambler
Gertrude Messinger
Switchboard Operator
Hal Price
Police Dispatcher
Originale Produktion:
Burton L. King
William Nicholas Selig
Vin Moore
Willard Mack
James Mulhauser
Edward E. Kull
Douglass Biggs
Film Bearbeitung
Thomas Neff
Film Bearbeitung
Bennett Cohen
Ashton Dearholt
George W. Stout
Ray Mercer
Special Effects
Ray C. Smallwood
Special Effects
Charles H. Clarke
Art Director
Son of a prominent attorney is shipped off to the DA's office in the hopes that it will stop his all night partying. It doesn't stop, and he soon finds himself in trouble when he's found to be nearby to two separate murders. Okay crime drama/potboiler. It's a typically upper crust mingling with the bad guys tales as our hero mixes with the show girls and gangsters who seem to frequent every Hollywood night club. Its an over done tale that seems to be often on the verge of silliness. The acting is wildly uneven with good performances coming from some and other that cross well into the over done realm (some of the crooks are just awful). It's a mixed bag sort a film. Its fine to sit through once but its not something you'll need see a second time.

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