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Josep Maria Cardona

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Josep Maria Cardona

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Josep Maria Cardona

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Josep Maria Cardona worked for many years for Disney, being one of the few artists who has developed works directly for the factory, creating illustrations of characters with specifications directly established by the official style books for each of the Walt Disney films.

His first work with Disney Studios was to draw the main characters of The Lady and the Tramp, which we have at our disposal in the collection that will soon be on sale. Cardona has been documented from Disney in more than 25 classic films of the company.

Thanks to the versatility that he draws, in his rigorous and very technical style, he is able to reproduce a great variety of characters unlike many other artists who are usually assigned a pair or three of characters at most. This feature has allowed him to work for a large number of films, from Pinocchio to The Lion King ...

He has the ability to draw with a flawless style and Disney pattern a high number of characters like no other cartoonist here in Spain has done before.

But not only has he worked for Disney, he also worked for Warner Bros. and Cartoon Networks, he drew characters like Ninjas, all the characters from Peanuts, Snoopy, Lucy, Charlie Brown, among others.

Cardona stands out mainly for his pencil drawing, which is the basis and soul of all his characters. Just as other artists are good inks or working the color, Cardona is thanks to his sketches and creations in pencil.

In its long trajectory it has combined all type of techniques and formats, although these last three years color much to the oil outside of which they are Disney characters.

He worked for Toutain in Illustrated Selections, where among many tasks he adapted the American version of Creepy for the Spanish market.

He worked 15 stories of GIGANTIX with Víctor Mora as a screenwriter of one of his main works and participated in the publications of "1984" where great American artists such as Corben, Frazetta or Sanjulián drew themselves and many other Spanish artists of "Selecciones Ilustradas" Contents of internal pages.

He worked many of the stories of the magazine "1984" with Jose Ortiz, master of comic drawing in this country.

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